Incident Commander

The Incident Command Team facilitates Annexes A and H of the Emergency Operations Plan. The Incident Commander (IC) is responsible for creating the Incident Action Plan and utilizing the Incident Command System in carrying out that plan.

The IC should form a Communications Team at the beginning of the operational period to handle both internal and external communications.  Members of this team should be assigned to facilitate Crisis Communications (Annex B of the Emergency Operations Plan) and also coordinate efforts with the Public Information Officer (Annex C).


The Liaison is the intermediary between the school and the first response agencies.

Safety Officer

The Safety Officer oversees all crisis operations and maintains situational awareness throughout the event in order to aid the Incident Commander in making decisions and to mitigate further injuries.

Planning Officer

The Planning Officer is responsible to staff (mobilize) the Emergency Response Teams, plan a long-term rotation schedule as needed, and then demobilize the Teams in a safe and orderly fashion. Technical specialists report to the Planning Officer and aid in the decision-making in carrying out the crisis action plan.

Operations Officer

The Operations Officer is responsible for carrying out the functions listed in the Incident Action Plan.

Administrative/Finance Officer

This person maintains logs and records of the time spent by employees during the crisis as well as all costs incurred during the operational period.  

Public Information Officer (and staff)

The Public Information Officer facilitates internal and external communications during a crisis.