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Dr. Robinson Reads to Kindergarten and ECE students

Posted Date: 03/05/2021

Dr. Robinson Reads to Kindergarten and ECE students

Dr. Robinson had the pleasure of visiting the Kindergarten and ECE students today to read to them. After each reading, the students were able to ask him some very thoughtful questions. They wanted to know the answers, so we thought you may want to know them too!

Student: Are you my teacher's boss?

Dr. R: Yes, I am.

Student: What is your job?

Dr. R: I am in charge of caring for the entire school district, which means this building and all the other buildings. It also includes over 500 employees and 3300 students.

Student: What's that blue thing in your jacket pocket?

Dr. R: That's my pocket square.

Student: What's a pocket square?

Student: What's your favorite food?

Dr. R: Pizza! (Cheers from the crowd)

Student: Where do you get your clothes from?

Dr. R: Men's Warehouse, Macy's, and other stores.

Student: What's your favorite color?

Dr. R: Red, of course! But I look better in blue.

Student: Why do you wear glasses?

Dr. R: I am near sighted.

Student: What's your favorite vegetable?

Dr. R: Broccoli (Loud boo's from the crowd)

We love our students! They are so sweet and fun!