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Parents, guardians, students, staff, and community,

Due to the increased number of COVID-19 cases throughout the state and counties near us, hospitals, health departments, and state agencies continue to restrict access to facilities to reduce the employee and customer interactions. We want to follow those same practices by educating our students virtually through April 17th, 2020. After speaking to local health officials and other local superintendents, we want to provide an environment that is safer for students, families, and staff during this difficult time.

Students and families should expect to be provided lessons and activities from teachers. Teachers will be providing feedback to students and parents. Teachers will be accessible online for questions and to support students and parents who need assistance with online learning and alternative methods of learning. The objective is to help students continue to learn and grow.

Teachers will be provided with training on Zoom, Google products, Discovery and provided with numerous online resources to provide online and alternative instruction to our students. We will provide introductory training and more in depth training to teachers who want to dive deeper with these tools.

There will be many questions after this announcement is made today, but rest assured, Mr. Mayes and our administrative team are working diligently to answer all those questions and outline a strong structure for everyone to follow and feel supported throughout this unknown journey.

Remember, we are all in this together. If the past few weeks has taught us nothing else, it’s taught us what lengths we will all go to connect with, provide for, and enrich our students’ lives by whatever means necessary.




Dr. Tony Robinson, Superintendent

Sikeston R-6 Schools



Beginning Monday, March 23rd, Sikeston R-6 and our food service, SFE, will provide free meals to anyone 18 and under living in the Sikeston R-6 School District. Breakfast and lunch will be served together in one bag.
Refer the map below for meal distribution locations. If you are viewing this on a Mobile device, click on the “Earth” symbol to view the whole map. If you are viewing on a desktop/laptop, click on the arrow to view the whole map.
Find the red marker closest to your location, and hover over to see the exact address and time for distribution.
We ask that everyone is patient. While we plan on these times, we could run slower, especially on the first few days while we are figuring out all the logistics. We will adjust the delivery times and routes if necessary.
We will provide meals to everyone 18 and under who need the meals. Even if we run out at one location, we will be able to call for more meals. 
We ask that anyone who assembles at the locations practices safety.. We plan on pulling up to the location and disbursing the meals quickly. So a single file line will be helpful to pass out meals efficiciently. We ask that everyone, those picking up meals as well as those driving, to practice the standard safety protocols when a school bus is around.

Missouri Hotline for COVID-19 Information

(877) 435-8411

The DHSS hotline, staffed by nurses and other health care professionals, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

CDC Recommendations

Take steps to protect yourself

Illustration: washing hands with soap and waterClean your hands often

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially after you have been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
  • If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.


Illustration: Woman quarantined to her homeAvoid close contact


Take steps to protect others

man in bedStay home if you’re sick


woman covering their mouth when coughingCover coughs and sneezes

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze or use the inside of your elbow.
  • Throw used tissues in the trash.
  • Immediately wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, clean your hands with a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.


man wearing a maskWear a facemask if you are sick

  • If you are sick:  You should wear a facemask when you are around other people (e.g., sharing a room or vehicle) and before you enter a healthcare provider’s office. If you are not able to wear a facemask (for example, because it causes trouble breathing), then you should do your best to cover your coughs and sneezes, and people who are caring for you should wear a facemask if they enter your room. Learn what to do if you are sick.
  • If you are NOT sick: You do not need to wear a facemask unless you are caring for someone who is sick (and they are not able to wear a facemask). Facemasks may be in short supply and they should be saved for caregivers.


cleaning a counterClean and disinfect

  • Clean AND disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily. This includes tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks.
  • If surfaces are dirty, clean them: Use detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection.

Monitoring Your Health

If you have questions on monitoring  your health, please call your primary care provider or our Missouri State Department of Health Department. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services activated a statewide public hotline for citizens or providers needing guidance regarding COVID-19. The hotline can be reached at 877-435-8411. The hotline is being operated by medical professionals and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), you should call your medical provider if you answer YES to any of the following questions:

  • Have you traveled in the last 14 days outside the country or in the U.S. to an area with known COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak?
  • Have you been in close contact with a person with laboratory-confirmed or suspected COVID-19?
  • Are you experiencing respiratory illness symptoms such as: fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat?

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or may have been exposed to a potential source of COVID-19, please call your healthcare provider or your nearest hospital emergency department BEFORE you arrive. You will be screened and the best course of assessment and treatment will be determined.   

Communications from Sikeston R-6


  • ACT  (4/4/20) – Rescheduled to 6/13 &7/18/20
  • Art Club (3/17/20) – Canceled
  • Baseball at Fredricktown (3/20/20) – Canceled
  • Character Athlete Brunch (3/17/20) – Canceled
  • DECA State – Canceled
  • DECA Nationals – Canceled
  • EAGLE Expo (3/17/20 – Rescheduled
  • FFA Contest in Elsberry (3/14/20) – Will reschedule
  • FFA Contest at Mineral Area College (3/19/20) – Canceled
  • Grow Your Own Teachers Field Trip (3/31/20) – Canceled
  • Homebound Services (3/23/20 – 4/5/20) – Canceled
  • Jazz Band Festival (3/14/20 & 4/3/20) – Canceled
  • Kindergarten RoundUp (4/2/20) – Canceled
  • Large Group State  Band & Choir Performances (3/19-20/20) – Canceled 
  • Math  4th-6th Grade Regional Competition (4/4/20) – Will reschedule
  • Math Team Practices – Canceled
  • Midwest Welding Contest (4/30-5/1/20) – Canceled
  • Orchestra Concert (3/16/20) – Canceled
  • Piano Solos (3/17/20) – Canceled
  • Science Olympiad State Competition (4/3-4//20) – Canceled
  • SkillsUSA – Canceled
  • Soccer Jamboree (3/17/20) – Canceled
  • Spring Pictures – Postponed for all schools
  • Spanish Class Trip (3/25/20) – Canceled
  • Speech & Debate Districts (3/14/20) – Canceled
  • Student Council State Convention – Canceled
  • Tom Sawyer Play – Rescheduled