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Alternative Learning Instruction

Below are the individual schedules for each building for the pick up of personal belongs and the drop off of school property (iPads,Chromebooks,Textbooks, Library Books, etc)

All Chromebooks and their chargers which were checked out for Alternative Learning Instruction will need to be dropped off during the below school pick up/drop off times.  


Kindergarten - Thurs, May 14 (3-5:00 pm) and Fri, May 15 (8-10am)

We are allowing parents to pick up student items if they have anything left here.  Not all students have things to pick up so we encourage you to call before you come. This will be curbside.


Lee Hunter - Thurs, May 14 and Fri, May 15  (10am-2pm) 

We will have our curbside pick up of personal belongings/drop off of textbook and library materials.


Southeast -  Thurs, May 14 (3-4:30pm) and Fri, May 15 (8-10am)

We will have our curbside pick up of personal belongings/drop off of textbook and library materials.


Wing – Thurs, May 14 and Fri, May 15  (8-10am or 1-3pm) 

We will have our curbside pick up of personal belongings/drop off of textbook and library materials.


5th & 6th Grade Center -  Thurs, May 14 and Fri, May 15  (9am - 3pm)

We will have our curbside pick up of personal belongings/drop off of textbook and library materials.


Junior High -  Mon, May 18 - Thurs, May 21 (9am - 3pm)

iPad & Textbook Check-In & Personal Belongings Pick-up

    1. iPad/charger - Students will need to remove their passwords from their iPads

    2. Any textbook they may have

    3. Any library book they may have

    4. Any items that belong to teachers

    5. Any school-owned instruments

    6. Any music from band or orchestra

Student lockers and PE lockers were cleaned out.  Personal items have been bagged and families may pick up the personal items when they turn in the items above.  Any textbooks/library books/etc will be turned into the library for the student.  Any personal items not picked up will be donated or thrown away. It will be a curb-side, drop off event between the hours of 9:00 am through 3:00 pm.  Families will need to stay in their car and hand the items through the window.


            May 18—8th graders with the last names starting A-M

            May 19—8th graders with the last names starting N-Z

            May 20—7th graders with the last names starting A-M

            May 21—7th graders with the last names starting N-Z


Senior High - Thurs, May 14 (10am-2pm)

We will be having our curbside iPad and Textbook drop off and pick up of PE clothing and Dual Credit forms.

School Office Hours

Teachers are required to have a two hour office hour window daily for students and/or parents to contact them if necessary with questions or for assistance with assignments and activities.  This two hour window will be posted on the District Lesson Plan Page.  

Teachers will monitor their email during the time and may choose to be online on Facebook or Twitter.  Teachers may also choose to be available at this time through Google Classroom or ClassDojo. In addition, teachers may call parents who request to have a conversation with a teacher.      


  • Kindergarten - 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
  • Lee Hunter - 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
  • Southeast - 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
  • Wing - 9:00 AM-11:00 AM
  • 5th & 6th Grade Center - 9:00 AM-11:00 AM
  • Junior High - 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
  • High School - 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
  • Alternative School - 9:00 AM-11:00 AM



  1. Will elementary teachers make assignments in Science and Social Studies?


Yes, teachers will make assignments or activities in science and social studies. Teachers may choose to make assignments that address multiple core areas. 


  1. My child is an AP student, will there be only one assignment per week?


Yes and no.  Teachers will only assign one required assignment or activity per week, but additional optional assignments or activities may be assigned and your students are encouraged to complete additional assignments which will prepare them for the upcoming AP assessments. 


  1. Will Dual Credit classes only have one assignment/activity per week?


No.  The assigned activities and assignments will meet the requirements of the university from which the Dual Credit is offered and may exceed the one assignment per week limit.   


  1. Will all elementary teachers of one grade level need to have the same assignments?  For example, do all 2nd grade teachers at Lee Hunter, Wing, and Southeast, need to make the same assignments?


No, the assignments for each individual grade level in a building need to be the same, but teachers are not required to make the same assignments across all buildings. 



From April 6 until April 17, feedback on assignments will be given to students, but no grades will be taken.  Teachers may allow students to redo a previous assignment and adjust the student’s grade or allow students to complete missing assignments and adjust student’s grades during this time period.  .  

If the school closure is extended beyond April 17, teachers will use current grades for students and their final 4th quarter grade will not be any lower than their current grade for the course.  However teachers will grade current assignments and use these grades in calculation of the 4th quarter grade if by doing so the student’s grade increases. The end result is that assignments/activities cannot harm a student’s grade, but could help them improve a student’s final grade. 


Students will receive one assignment/activity per week for each subject/course in which they are enrolled. Teachers will collaborate to create this one assignment/activity so that all teachers in a course or grade are making the same assignment.  For example all first graders within a building will be doing the same assignment or all the English II teachers would make the same assignment or activity.  


Elective Classes/ SCTC Block Classes

Elective classes will also provide one weekly assignment/activity per grade level/course.  


Announcement of Assignments/Activities

Grades 7-12

In grades 7-12, teachers will post their assigned assignments/activities on their teacher webpage. In grades PreK-6, a web page is being constructed that will give parents a quick link to the activities/assignments for the week.  This page will be updated by 11:00 AM on Monday mornings. 


Offline Assignments

Teachers may choose to provide offline assignments especially at the lower grade levels.  These assignments may be uploaded to Google Drive for parents or students to download.

In instances where students are not able to download the information, parents may arrange to pick up the materials at the schools (curbside pickup) or delivered through our meal distribution method.