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SEMO Health Network

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Sikeston Alternative Center

835 W. Murray Lane

Sikeston, MO 63801



Sikeston Senior High

200 Pine Street

Sikeston, MO 63801


SEMO Health Network

Sikeston R-6 and SEMO Health Network are excited to announce that they have partnered to provide quality and affordable mental  and physical healthcare to the staff and students at Sikeston R-6 Schools. There will be two school based health centers, one housed at the Senior High and the other at the Alternative Center. Both will operate during normal school hours and will be available for the entire district’s staff and students.

If a student is determined to be in need of health services by the teacher and/or school nurse, a consent form will be required to be signed by the parent before they can be seen by one of SEMO Health Network’s licensed physicians or social workers.

Project Director, Sarah Ezell states, “If a staff member or student needs to be referred for extra services to another provider, our staff will refer the student to their primary care provider. Of course, if they have no primary care provider, we would encourage them to see one of SEMO Health Network’s many physicians.”

Payment for services would be as if they walked into one of SEMO Health Network’s clinics. They accept all major insurances, Medicaid, and also have a sliding fee discount program.

“Our main goal is to provide timely and easy access to quality mental and physical healthcare to our entire staff and students.” says Sikeston R-6 Superintendent, Dr. Robinson. “We find that when staff and students are mentally and physically healthy, our school climate, classroom behaviors, and connectedness all improve. We are so very thankful to have a community partnership with SEMO Health Network." #WeAreSikeston