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Meet Jackson


Jackson, Therapy Dog


"Thank you so much for allowing Jackson to visit my room. The visit had a calming effect in my room this morning."

-Misty Murphy, Sikeston R-6 Teacher



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Meet Jackson's Handler

Kristen Rapert


Hello! My name is Kristen Rapert and I am Jackson’s handler. Jackson and I were paired together in March of 2016 by CARES, Inc. To become a handler, I had to attend a week long training in Concordia, KS.  I did not know Jackson before the first day of training when we were paired up.  During that week of training, I learned over 50 commands that Jackson had been trained to do. We practiced all the things Jackson had learned in prison. On the last day, we visited the prisoners who trained Jackson. We then took a public access test that allows us to go anywhere in public. After graduation we worked at Lee Hunter Elementary for two years.  I have actually been in the Sikeston R-6 School District for 14 years. Now we visit all the schools!  I am super excited to meet all the students in Sikeston. Feel free to click that "Email" button above to let me know if you have questions!

Therapy Dog Program by the Numbers

  • 91% of Students and Staff report seeing Jackson on Campus.
  • 91% of Students and Staff report mood improvement or possible improvement when Jackson visits school.
  • 97% of Students and Staff believe Jackson has an important role or may have an important role here at Sikeston R-6 School District.

Where is Jackson?

  • Week of August 19th – Wing Elementary
  • Week of August 26th – Southeast Elementary
  • Week of September 2nd-Little Bulldog Program
  • Week of September 9th – Lee Hunter Elementary
  • Week of September 9th –Kindergarten Center
  • Week of September 16th- 5/6 Grade Center
  • Week of September 23rd- Junior High School
  • Week of September 30th- Senior High
  • Week of October7th- Alternative Center
  • Week of October 14th- Wing Elementary
  • Week of October 28th- Southeast Elementary
  • Week of November 4th- Lee Hunter Elementary
  • Week of November 11th- Kindergarten Center
  • Week of November 18th- 5/6 Grade Center
  • Week of November 25th- Little Bulldog Program
  • Week of December 2nd- Junior High School
  • Week of December 9th- Senior High
  • Week of December 16th- Alternative Center