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District Safety Advisory Committee

Sikeston R-6 Public Schools
District School Safety Advisory Committee
The district’s school safety committee should meet at minimum quarterly, and is responsible for the following:
  • preparing and annually updating District Emergency Operations Plan
  • reviewing educational programs which promote and enhance awareness of school safety topics
  • reviewing emergency drill procedures and evaluations
  • reviewing violence prevention programs for students and staff, as well as programs on other school safety topics
  • reviewing discipline report statistics, evaluating those individual cases that are identified as posing a particular risk to life and to district property, and making recommendations to the Administration regarding the school’s code of conduct, behavioral management procedures, and violence prevention measures
  • reviewing work-related injury and illness reports and summary statistics, and making recommendations to the Administration on necessary corrective actions
  • reviewing data from periodic site inspections utilizing the Missouri Safe Facilities Guide and other evaluation tools.
Membership (2018-19 Year)
Tom Williams, Superintendent (Committee Chairperson)
Scott Ezell, Safety Coordinator
Phillip Warren, Juvenile Officer
Nikki Vaught, Health Services Coordinator
Mike Brown, Director of Buildings and Grounds
Shannon Holifield, Human Resources
Jeff Williams, Principal
Kristen Rapert, Counselor
Julie Hodges, CTA Representative
Capt. Andy Cooper, DPS
Lt Jon Broom, DPS
Sgt. Cliff Jackson, DPS
Steve Sparlin, Technology Director
The committee meets quarterly in the upstairs conference room of the Board of Education Office.  Those with inquiries should call 472-2581.