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R-6 district has two hours of AMI left for year

Posted Date: 02/14/2022

R-6 district has two hours of AMI left for year

Credit: Standard Democrat


Sikeston R-6 School District has two hours of alternative method of instruction remaining for the school year so if the area sees more inclement weather, the district would have to use a traditional “snow day” and decide how to make the missed time later in the school year.

During Tuesday’s regular monthly meeting, the R-6 Board of Education approved an amendment to the district’s 2021-2022 school calendar to reduce the number of school days by three based on recent measures taken during inclement weather. The district did not use AMI days on following three of the days school was not in session: Jan. 19 and Feb. 3-4, according to Shannon Holifield, R-6 assistant superintendent of secondary education. The amendment basically made the school calendar match where the district is now with their days attended, she said.

The maximum number of AMI days allowed by the state of Missouri is five. Since the district has utilized all five AMI distance learning days — with the exception of two hours — starting with the sixth day, it will have take a traditional “snow day” and add the time in days or minutes back to the school year.

In other action by the Board, members approved the 2023-2024 school calendar as presented by Jaclyn Scott, chair of the district’s calendar committee.

Scott said two calendar options were presented to district staff, and she recommended the option that received the highest number of votes. the calendar option that received the most number of votes by the majority of the staff for approval. Scott noted the votes were the closest she’d ever seen: 49.85% to 49.15%.

Scott also commended the calendar committee members for their time and dedication to creating viable options for staff to choose from.

“We typically meet in December and hammer out two different options,” Scott told the Board. “The parameters we have to work with come from the state, and then we meet with (superintendent) Dr. (Tony) Robinson.”

In Missouri, districts can’t start school 14 days prior to labor day, so the first day Sikeston could start is Aug. 22, 2023, which is reflected on the approved calendar.

“The state requires a minimum of 1,044 student hours and to build in an additional 36 hours of weather time, which makes a total of 1,080,” Scott explained.

With that in mind, the last day for the 2023-2024 school year would be May 22.

However, the committee also added May 23 or 24 as two more make-up days, if needed, Scott said.

In other action by the Board, they approved an amendment to the Three Rivers College memorandum of understanding. Holifield noted the amendment included a change in change in tuition, some prices and the resource fee.